TA Taylor (Aust)

TA Taylor (Aust) Pty Ltd


TA Taylor (Aust) Pty Ltd (“TAT”) is a fully owned subsidiary of Building Durability & Associated Entities, which provides the service of consultancy in all aspects of the investigation and assessment of the performance of materials and systems. TAT specialises in remedial and maintenance works and the rectification of defects in buildings and structures.

Having 4 Generations of family experience extending from working on site for over a decade with Theo Arthur Taylor (Michael Palmers Grand Father - leading the 1st Generation) and working side by side with John Palmer (Michaels Father – Driving the 2nd and 3rd generation) as a dynamic team taking the organisation to new heights in more recent times for over 24 years.

This combined initial practical on-site experience followed by obtaining formal qualifications and the following 2+ decades of first hand learning and guidance in "practical consulting, problem solving and project works delivery through to completion of the recommendations provided" – maintaining a key focus on "attention to detail and quality assurance" has provided Michael Palmer and the team at Building Durability with the 4th Generation and family passion – provides our team the confidence and experience to meet any challenge or task that may arise through the process of initial assessment, provision of recommendations and costs and undertaking those projects through to completion.

TAT has earned nationwide reputation for the delivery of quality services in the fields of: protective coatings, waterproofing, concrete repair and façade refurbishment.

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